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The Show[edit]



Monologue Transcripts

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Bands Mentioned on The Podcast

Book Club

Capital J Jewish

Celebrity Wife Swap

Citibike Campaign

Coen Brother's Tattoos

Could Julie choose members of The White Castle Hall of Fame?

Critter Hall of Fame

C**t Skeleton

Differences between Spoony and Dee Dee Ramone

Enemies of the Show

Fan Art

Food or Drink Mentioned on the Show

Fruit, Ranked

Groovy People

Hall of Creeps

Hidey's Hiding Corner!

HWYW Guest Hall of Fame

HWYW Technical Notes

Julie's Cavalcade of Characters!!!

Julie Hall Of Fame

Julie Klausner's Favorite Animals of All Time, Ranked

Julie Klausner's Favorite Female Intervention Cast Members, Ranked

Julie likes her sandwich with a little bit of dirt

Julie's Watching You

Listeners' Favorite Monologue Quotes

List of 90's Hookers

List of 90's SlutShame Martyrs

List: New York Walk of Fame

Movie Club

Music sung or referenced on the show

Origins of Episode Titles

People and Things Julie Adores

People and Things Julie Despises

People Who Vowed Not to Work with Pauley Perrette


Photos of Animals (Listening to HWYW)

Pod hits & misses


Redhead Hall of Fame

Redhead Hall of Shame

Songs Dissected on the Podcast


Spoony's Recaps

Theatre Club

Theme Song

The Word that Must Never be Used

Things not to tell Julie

Things To Consider Prior To Sleeping With An Older Man

TV Club


Weirdo Hall of Fame

What Makes a Woman Beautiful

Other Julie Things[edit]

Julie's Appearances On Other Shows

Julie Live!

Show Staff[edit]

Julie Klausner

Chris "Spoony" Spooner

Ted "Teddy" Leo

Ryan "Hotlips" Houlihan

Jimmy "Jax" Jazz

Smiley Muffin