Citibike Campaign

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In Episode xx, Julie agreed to take a picture of herself straddling a CitiBike if listeners tipped Spoony $3,000. When a relatively low amount was sent in during the campaign's first week, Julie raised the stakes by agreeing to have one brar strap showing in the picture. The campaign was ultimately a success and shooting commenced soon thereafter.


  • Dickie DiBella: Photographer / Art Director / Mastermind
  • Kristina Makowski: Wardrobe Stylist
  • Kyle David Malone: Hair and Makeup Stylist
  • Joshua Weidenmiller: Assistant Photographer
  • Chris "Spoony" Spooner: Filth Consultant
  • Renata Espinosa: Craft Services / Steez Coach
  • Ryan Saylor: One-Armed Bouncer of Light
  • Jake Fogelnest: Phantom of the Paradise Forum Moderator
  • Jimmy Jazz: Muse

On Friday the 13th, September 2013, Julie announced the shoot's homepage as If you clicked on that link, please consider sending money through Paypal to