Chris "Spoony" Spooner

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The man[edit]

Chris "Spoony" Spooner ([spoo-nair] / IPA [spuːnɛər]) is the previous producer ([pro-deuce-air] / IPA prəːˈdusːɛər) of How Was Your Week. He left to show to spend more time with his new baby and not because of some massage scandal.

Essential Trivia[edit]

Spoony is filth and amazing in the field of karaoke. He has avoided arrest at a charity event [1], drunkenly injured himself while whittlin' [2] and studied grill technique while covering a basset hound festival [3]. It should be noted Spoony is haunted by "Boredwalk Empirezzz" and demonic references to how pussies work.

What you must absolutely do[edit]

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