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Locations, Julie's thoughts on them and the episode in which those thoughts appear.

Location Julie's opinion Episode
Arizona Should be burned to the ground. Episode 157: "Doing A Voice Things"
Australia Could not be further from this continent. Australians love adventure and sleeping outside. Episode 41: "You-know-what-icide Season"
Nevada Neva-da, Ne-vada. Let's call the whole thing filth. Episode 137: "Houdini's Waffles"
Las Vegas A terrible place that should be the first to burn if there is an apocalypse, or even if there isn't an apocalypse. Episode 147: "I Don't Do Mushrooms, Henry"
Las Vegas Las Vegas is what happens when Jews don't run entertainment. Episode 115: "Madame, No"
Seattle "Buuugggghhh." Episode 68: "Crazy Person F.I.T."