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Podmass Review Quotes[edit]

Episode 178 "The opening is an incredibly fun frolic through meeting Dennis Haskins of Saved By The Bell fame at a Broadway show, making a terrible comeback to Whitney Cummings, ranking fruit, and being a victim of a mistaken pregnancy comment from a stranger. Klausner gets the most out of the stories, which lead into the wonderful detail and absurdity of the fruit list (guava is number 30 out of 30 fruits, because she’s never had guava). An interview with Matt Berman, former creative director of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s George magazine, is also a good time as he sounds like he’s blushing while Klausner tries to get him to talk about his late boss’ hunkiness or dish about Barbara Walters and Barbra Streisand. Berman never sounds like he’s going through the motions of a book tour during the interview, which feels both casual and concise."

Episode 177 "Nathan Fielder is the undisputed champion of comic deadpan, and it makes his rare out of “character” appearances all the more fascinating. An otherwise requisite chat with Julie Klausner about house cats and This Hour Has 22 Minutes instead feels like a revelation tearing through Fielder’s guarded gaze, precisely because Fielder shows no signs of a personal life on screen. Just ahead of his Dumb Starbucks stunt premiere, Fielder brings with him sweet, genuine, and humanizing perspectives on some of Nathan For You‘s breakout star subjects, from Ghost Realtor Sue Stanford to Simon, the security guard for whom substantial breasts are essential. The interview is a must for indoctrination into the cult of Nathan. Klausner’s monologue is sadly surface level in comparison, though – she can only repeat the story of almost getting kicked out of a dog awards show so many times before the returns finish diminishing."

Episode 176 "A good-natured chat between Julie Klausner and comedy writer Scott King focuses mostly on King’s career trajectory and the politics of writers’ rooms (with the exception of a very funny bit about the gay generation gap). The monologue, which features a long digression on Klausner’s ice cream eating habits, is similarly entertaining but not vital."

Episode 173 "This week’s extra-long episode features a very funny monologue (with speculation about Annette Bening’s sexuality, a reminder that people hate going out in the rain, and an extended digression on the Aladdin musical) and an interesting, though often frustrating, interview. Klausner chats with writer Emily Gould, who published her first novel, lost her job, and became the much-discussed subject of two profiles and one 11,000 word online screed in the course of a week. Gould has been a polarizing figure since her stint as the editor of Gawker, and it’s easy to see why. She has some interesting things to say about surviving in the New York publishing world and refusing to indulge in the self-deprecation expected of women who write about themselves, but she often comes off as oblivious and even snotty. Klausner remains mostly even-handed and balances insightful questions with her own, much more entertaining take on the same topics."

Episode 172 "This week’s monologue is engaging if not laugh-out-loud funny, with Julie Klausner riffing on Mike Myers’ fitness as a director, the horror of ugly celebrity babies, and Shep Gordon’s apparent pervertedness. Her strongest bit insightfully compares an awkward party conversation to the weirdly personal questions of Taxicab Confessions. "

Episode 171 "Whether because of these lowered expectations or because he’s fighting hard to break the cycle, (Jason) Nash comes out swinging in an unexpectedly articulate and personal interview. He has a clear idea of how How Was Your Week operates and seems to actively play against brand, sometimes forcing the host out of the equation so that he can be sure he has the time and space to win people over to controversial viewpoints, like how he doesn’t want anything to do with Adam Scott or how valuable a tool Twitter is as a platform to meet black people. Skip the Tony’s-heavy opening monologue, though, which Klausner herself admits to being non-essential listening.

Episode 170 "Their conversation covers the entire recent history of TV, from Ariano’s early experiences with The Simpsons newsgroups to the eternal debate of Friends vs. Seinfeld to how Julianna Margulies overcame Harvey Weinstein by starring in The Good Wife. The two don’t go terribly deep with their discussion of the craziest moments of this year’s new shows—beware of some serious spoilers for Black Mirror though—but they more than make up for it with their pitch-perfect skewering of contemporary television’s utter absurdity. "

Episode 167 "Klausner’s kid-sisterly reverence for Hurwitz simultaneously surprises the comic genius and gets him a little giddy, which allows him to open up to her audience with some of his less chronicled approaches to making television. It takes about two-thirds of the episode to get to the meat of Hurwitz’s philosophy, but his analysis of character types from Arrested Development to Seinfeld to The Larry Sanders Show and beyond as either commedia dell’arte patriarch/matriarch/craftsman/clown foursomes or id/ego/superego trios is well worth the wait, and a trip down Golden Girls memory lane provides some charming speed bumps along the way."

Episode 166 "This week’s solid if unexceptional episode features an unusually scattered, though generally funny, monologue touching on Monica Lewinsky, Jessica Seinfeld, and the cannibal cop, as well as an interview about every New Yorker’s worst nightmare."

Episode 165 "Few hosts working today are as prepared to ask massive stars such profoundly easy questions as, 'Was it weird hanging out with Judd Apatow when you were a teenager?' or slyly self-serving questions as, 'Will you promise me that you’ll never work with Pauley Perrette?'"

Episode 159 "Virtually nothing on the podcast landscape is as exciting as a fired up Julie Klausner stream of consciousness rant."

Episode 151 "The temporary move to Los Angeles continues to do wonders for How Was Your Week?, as this edition’s opening monologue verges on vintage Julie Klausner: heady to a fault, exceptionally wordy, and hyper-specific. The hour-long run-on sentence sprints through scary places to run into Gallagher, past the minute differences separating prostitutes from escorts, and straight into an extended thesis on the unique geniuses of Eagleheart and Lena Dunham. That, plus an interview with Mr. Show alum Karen Kilgariff, makes a return to form for Klausner’s unrivaled capacity to pull airtight truths from overlooked corners."

Episode 149 "If Julie Klausner’s commitment to her own curiosities no matter the guest is the hallmark of How Was Your Week?, then her interview with Aimee Mann is a landmark installment of the podcast."

Episode 138 "The ease of conversation never wavers, even in the spots where Klausner’s excitement does border on fawning, like when she is enthralled by the beeping of a hidden dishwasher in Moore’s kitchen."

Episode 119 "This week’s episode is a near perfect encapsulation of the two sensibilities at the center of HWYW. While Harris Wittels focuses on topics he’s discussed on other podcasts before (namely drugs and his Humblebrag book), a chunk about Wittels’ early porn-watching habits shows HWYW at its comedic best."

Episode 115 "The most surprising thing about David Sedaris’ appearance comes early on when he tells Julie Klausner that How Was Your Week is regular bath-time listening for him."

Episode 105 "Ted Leo’s discussions of exorcisms, demons, and Ouija boards make ample use of his Catholic-school education, and offer an interesting counterpoint to some of Klausner’s ideas."

Episode 97 "Julie Klausner prefaces her conversation with Danielle Henderson by referring to her as her “new best friend”. It’s easy to see why Klaunser is so enthused, as it becomes clear early on that Henderson is an ideal How Was Your Week guest."

Episode 92 "An interview with Beth Hoyt of My Damn Channel Live features a long discussion of Jon Hamm and other hunks."

Episode 83 "In a charming interview, Julie Klausner catches up with Jodi Lennon, who is delightful as she shares stories about prank-calling local news shows and her new life as a petty shoplifter."

Episode 78 "The majority of Klausner’s interview with Read focuses on communities that have grown on Tumblr and in message boards. A discussion of the Otherkin community—those who believe they are animals trapped in human bodies—is fascinating and touches on how identities are managed and legitimized online."

Episode 59 "Julie Klausner admits that her thought pattern is, in fact, cats, cats, cats, dogs, Cher, and some snacks thrown in there."

Episode 58 "Later, Klausner continues to be the Oprah of podcasts by talking to Susan Orlean about her book Rin Tin Tin."

Episode 56 "There’s also a bit of basset-hound news that can’t go unmentioned, but the guests are the big attraction this week."

Episode 55 "Although dismayed, she attempts to be fair about it, but it’s not lot before she switches topics again, this time to the less fraught subject of nail art."

Episode 54 "Julie Klausner starts out by talking about Stephen King’s “shit aliens,” then brings up that time we wrote about how “How Was Your Week? could be one of the best book podcasts out there,” by saying that HWYW is not becoming a book podcast, but that she is, in fact, becoming Oprah. Klausner then talks to a beret-less Rickie Lee Jones, which is not only a good listen but an opportunity to get your parents to listen to the episode so they can hear a musician they probably made out to talk about making bras for men’s testicles."

Episode 51 "Ted Leo ends up being the funniest person on stage, especially when he grills the Peanut Chews guy on the ingredients of his product."

Episode 50 "She also addresses the Westminster Dog Show, complaining about Martha Stewart’s dog and the Pekingese that won the show."

Best of HWYW Vol 2 "There’s also some Ted Leo conversation, and at this point can we just say that the Klausner/Leo buddy thing is maybe the best showbiz friendship going right now? The two of them simply talking about what they looked like as kids (Klausner as an orangutan, Leo as Zippy the Pinhead) is especially organic and enjoyable."

Many Parts of a Pine Tree "She tosses off a hilarious monologue like a wise owl drunk on pinot noir, really asking the tough questions about True Life: I’m A Chubby Chaser and voicing her displeasure with World War I compared to WWII."

Tommy Mottola For Nothing "How has Julie Klausner never talked about Guy Fieri before?"

Episode 39 "Is there some sort of personal point system that Julie Klausner uses for every episode of How Was Your Week? Does she have a checklist that reminds her to say that somebody is a “garbage person,” or that they’re “made of snakes”?"

Episode 38 "Past that, this episode offered another prime example that Klausner can pontificate on any random subject for a few moments, then likely wrap it into another, equally random subject. For instance, who else would link movie screeners to an anecdote about the time a monkey stole Michael Caine’s glasses? Nobody. That’s a move that we’re now going to call “Klausnerfication.”"

Episode 34 "Julie Klausner half-heartedly talks about Halloween and Chaz Bono’s departure from Dancing With The Stars before bringing on her special guests."

Episode 32 "Klausner tops it all off with strong opinions on Rosie O’Donnell and Anderson Cooper’s new daytime talk shows, as well as intriguing casting suggestions for the upcoming black version of Steel Magnolias."

Episode 31 "Also, Klausner presents a compelling argument for why it’s okay for women to make Chris Christie fat jokes."

Episode 26 "After tackling the hot topics of the VMAs and the new Dancing With The Stars cast (she is clearly obsessed with Chaz Bono and should just get him on the podcast already), Klausner and SiriusXM host/VH1 talking head Jake Fogelnest geek out over old SNL sketches and discuss what’s so funny about Billy Joel."

Episode 25 "She also discusses some key current events, such as the state of Rosie O’Donnell’s neck in Curb Your Enthusiasm, her dislike of Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem, the scabby butts of the baboons at the zoo, and a list of her favorite anorexics."

Episode 23 "Julie Klausner finally addresses what we’ve all been wondering: What’s up with those K-Y Jelly ads that force you to imagine the couples in them boning? Klausner similarly ruins Fun Dip by referencing it when discussing the lady who eats her husband’s ashes on My Strange Addiction."

Episode 21 "Julie Klausner is a mystery wrapped in an enigma topped with a kitty."

Episode 18 "Klausner is likely to piss off the fat-acceptance community this week as she takes aim at Chris Christie, Kevin Federline, and Neil LaBute, whom she’s trying to get on Celebrity Fit Club. Then again, maybe the fat-acceptance community doesn’t want those guys as their poster children."

Episode 16 "Stick around for Klausner’s advice on how to cover your ass when you’re caught feeding a gyro to a guide dog, and her shameful confession of using Hitler as an excuse to cover up a youthful transgression."

Episode 14 "Klausner herself recommends that if you’re not into the Tonys, you may like this week’s WTF instead."

Episode 13 "Plus, if you’ve been dying to hear an extremely negative review of Woody Allen’s new movie, then you’re in luck, as Klausner thinks the director should semi-retire into a life of scripting Dilbert comic strips."

Episode 9 "Aretha Franklin is also in Klausner’s sights for various reasons, her terrible salad recipe among them."

Podmass Quotes of the Week[edit]

“Neil DeGrasse Tyson has a TV show, and I’ve never even seen him do one ASSSSCAT.”—Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week [1]

“You can’t just say your vagina is a house and then change the subject.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? [2]

“I just feel like I understand Cameron Diaz better than I ever have before, and I don’t like it. I don’t like to see everything I see. It’s like a magnifying mirror only soulful, and I’m not looking at her, I’m looking at us, you know? And our pores are huge.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? [3]

“All I know is it’s silly to chase fun when all you need is the ground underneath you to be solid. And I don’t expect to be one of those people that does cartwheels in yogurt commercials. I wanna be the cartoon character in that antidepressant ad who has, like, little lines under her eyes, and the divot in the middle of the pill is the pill’s mouth... have you seen this ad? It’s very good. It’s for Abilify, which is not a word.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? [4]

“Is it too early to talk about my gynecologist?” —Maria Thayer, How Was Your Week? [5]

“Women who work for escort agencies that assign them out to prostitution dates at sushi restaurants know how to eat with chopsticks, and beyond that they are in every other way identical to other prostitutes. They’re not better looking; they’re not smarter; they’re not classier; they’re not more charming. They probably give more blowjobs than any reasonable woman, right? And they are empty inside, but it’s also society’s fault.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week [6]

“That guy’s like G.G. Allin. He is a legend.” —Julie Klausner on Rob Ford, How Was Your Week? [7]

“Is it a different New York since Lou Reed died? It’s been a different New York since I saw him in his sweatpants at the Cozy Soup ‘n’ Burger.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? [8]

“It’s like if The Who were gayer and somewhat proggier.” —Julie Klausner on Jethro Tull, How Was Your Week [9]

“If the Cowardly Lion were on RuPaul’s Drag Race, so much of my childhood would be less nightmarish.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week [10]

“It’s important to remember that Mark David Chapman really set a lot of trends: such as the trend of celebrities having bodyguards.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week [11]

“There’s a chili chain in Cincinnati called Skyline Chili, and it’s excellent. It’s very, very good. It’s probably made with human meat.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? [12]

“What else don’t women like besides the Three Stooges? Tom Waits. Being hurt physically or emotionally.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week With Julie Klausner [13]

“Here’s why I don’t like Jane Fonda, and not just because I think Vietnam is one of the best things our country ever did.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? [14]

“This show is not becoming a book podcast; I am becoming Oprah.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? [15]

“You have to root for the understudy; if you don’t, you’re a dick.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week [16]

“Her body is being flown back on Tyler Perry’s private jet to Newark—a very black sentence.” —Julie Klausner on Whitney Houston, How Was Your Week? [17]

“I feel like that show is officially going to become a cunt-off once old Lizard Eyes joins the fray.” —Julie Klausner on Shirley MacLaine joining the cast of Downton Abbey, How Was Your Week? [18]

“I’m really afraid of spiders and my own feelings.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? [19]

“You need a new mezuzah. It makes a dandy clit ring.” —Julie Klausner on the mezuzah Woody Allen gave to Ari Graynor as a gift, How Was Your Week? [20]

“They all reminded me of the people who would be at the dinner party in Beetlejuice.” —Paul F. Tompkins on Work Of Art contestants, How Was Your Week? [21]

“That skank was ahead of her time.” —Julie Klausner on Tonya Harding, How Was Your Week? [22]

“How come we can’t see Thomas Jane’s Jane Thomas?” —Julie Klausner on Hung, How Was Your Week? [23]

“How do you talk to an angel?” —Julie Klausner discussing Jeffery Self’s encounter with Brett Butler on How Was Your Week? [24]

“The only riot I’m okay with is a zoot suit riot.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? [25]

“That show was canceled because it wasn’t self-righteous enough.” —Julie Klausner on Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, How Was Your Week? [26]

“Give my love to your cat, even though he seems like a dick.” —Julie Klausner to Jake Fogelnest, How Was Your Week? [27]

“We don’t use phones anymore in this day and age, yet she still phones things in.” —Julie Klausner on Chelsea Handler, How Was Your Week? [28]

“Ugh! No thanks! No. Fourth wall. Stay on your side.” —Paul F. Tompkins on actors interacting with audience members in plays, How Was Your Week? [29]

“Do you think trees are the new birds? Don’t answer that right away.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? [30]

“I’m so excited for it to end in a mushroom cloud of hair plugs and cum.” —Julie Klausner on Entourage, How Was Your Week [31]

“Why would a 94-year-old man just drop dead? It doesn’t add up.” Julie Klausner on the death of Sherwood Schwartz, How Was Your Week [32]

“Chimps eat babies sometimes just for the fuck of it.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? [33]

“I’m not Pauline Kael. I’m not even Pauly Shore.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week [34]

“Frankenstein no fear AIDS.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? [35]

“Cool it with the birds and the ukuleles.” —Julie Klausner advises girly hipster women, How Was Your Week [36]

“The Sims: Carny Edition. Is that a thing? Let’s just go ahead and say that it is.”—Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? [37]

“It has something to do with cogs.”—Julie Klausner, defining “steampunk,” How Was Your Week? [38]

“I don’t want to make any generalizations about working dogs.”— Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week [39]

“I consider Greeks the Jews of the sea.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? [40]

“Why don’t people make love anymore?” “Because of AIDS.” —Julie Klausner and Rachel Shukert, How Was Your Week? [41]

“Shirley MacLaine: what an asshole.” —Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week [42]

“She makes Amelie look like Large Marge!” —Julie Klausner on Anthony Bourdain’s second wife [43]