Julie's Cavalcade of Characters!!!

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Sometimes on the podcast Julie will create kooky characters! They include:

  • Gene The Teen
  • Henry The Phish Fan
  • Sam who steals rings from Woolworths and hides them in his milkshake.
  • Christine Baranski and her twin sister Catherine.
  • Guy who moves to LA to "Make Films" but ends up cutting Estelle Getty footage on the Hollywood Forever Website.
  • Guy who can't stop talkin' about Pokemon! That's a quality show, fellas!
  • Gerbil who is a rodent living in a tank in your room like that isn't weird and who lies. ( Episode 151)
  • Excited Corpse-Finding Dog that has enormous belief in his owner Dave's ability to fix things.
  • Hidey (who was called "grating" by the AV Club's "Podmass" column! It's safe to come out Hidey! You do you!)
  • Murray, who's a little befuddled. (First appearance in Episode 172: "Pellet of Pleasure")
  • Cookie Monster's sister Irene