Photos of Animals (Listening to HWYW)

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Julie's Tumblr site includes photos of her listener's pets enjoying the HWYW podcast via various mobile devices[1]. The majority of pets included are cats and dogs, but several guinea pigs ('Martha'[2], 'Cheddar', 'Munster' & 'Cream'[3]) and a rabbit named 'Bowser'[4] are also featured.

During the closing monologue of Episode 118 Klausner stated she would prefer not to receive photos of reptiles, snakes, fish or plants with her stuff. However she would accept photos of all mammals, including dogs, cats, red-headed babies, ferrets, and bears, as well as birds & turtles (with expressive faces).

On August 13, 2013 Twitter member @TheRealTavie posted a photo of her Chinese box turtle listening to the podcast.[5]

Julie recently lifted her moratorium on submitting photos of birds to her Tumblr site[6].