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Jimmy Jazz is companion cat to Julie Klausner who is often referenced on the How Was Your Week? podcast.

Jimmy is a male cat (apparently neutered) who wears a tuxedo "all of the Goddamn time" due to his being a tuxedo cat. Despite his apparent sterility, Jimmy has been described as "well endowed" by a medical professional. Julie enjoys singing a variety of songs to Jimmy, who is often (always) disinterested.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Jimmy was once enamored with the Boston Terrier Bernie, who lived next door. Mr. And Mrs. Bernie were dicks. [2]

Jimmy is taken, as he is engaged to Jub-Jub [3],who belongs to Twittair user @Fart. Jimmy is a self avowed atheist, which is the most Jewish thing he has ever done.

The Cat With Many Names[edit]

Jimmy has gone through phases where he wishes to be called by a different name; this all began after Jimmy made the announcement that he prefers to be known as "Josh". Since that announcement, a number of changes have occurred:

1) Jimmy no longer wishes to be known as "Josh" and now prefers the more punk rock "Jonny". Julie refuses to acknowledge him by this moniker, hoping his desire is simply a phase.
2) Jimmy no longer wishes to be known as "Josh" or "Jonny" and now prefers "Jax", a reference to the 'Sons of Anarchy' character. Julie refuses to indulge Jimmy in this matter and is perplexed as to how he's even seen the show.
3) Jimmy no longer wishes to be known as "Jax." He now wishes to be known as "Jeff," based on an infomercial he saw.
4) Due to Jimmy's support of gender fluidity, he would now like to be known as "Jamie". 5) Jimmy would like to be known as "Jimberley" due to his watching of the show Transparent.

Pictures of Jimmy[edit]

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  • Pushing objects off of ledges;
  • Watching construction workers, whom he believes are responsible for making birds;
  • Posing for pictures [5];
  • Planning his Bar Mitzvah;
  • Singing Opera
  • Breaking glasses with Auntie Renata.
  • Being Julie's pastor, James L. Jazz. The "L" stands for James L. Brooks. (Episode 179)