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Episode 61 Julie plays and annotates Brian McKnight's R&B spoof "If Ur Ready To Learn (How Your Pussy Works)"[1], a song for women who are "ready to learn" about their vaginas. As McKnight explains, they are likely lacking knowledge in this area because they didn't "bring it to him first". The chorus features a demonic voice intoning "show-you-how-your-pussy-works", a particularly frightening moment for Spoony.

Episode 10 Julie confesses her favorite song (at least for the time being) is "Sowing the Seeds of Love" by Tears for Fears. Though unsure if this makes her a "loser" Julie nonetheless defends the song and sings a few excerpts so as to illustrate its virtues. The plethora of bridges, its demonstration of '90s/'60s "pomp" (i.e. "this is psychedelic but now we know how to use Final Cut Pro") and use of trumpet flourishes are some of the qualities Julie admires in the track. She is able to overlook how "it’s probably got the worst lyrics to any song ever" as ultimately she's able to "rock the fuck out to this."

Episode 136: "Layla" - "Stand By Your Man" - Julie recently came to terms with the wildly sexist lyrics featured in this song and believes this is what 'Homeland' should be about.

Episode 174: "Occasional Benevolence Based On Their Scratch Parts" - "Arthur's Theme" - Christopher Cross was not good with cadence/the way words fit in things. The early 80s were a contest to see who could make a pop song sound more melancholy for no discernible reason.

Episode 165: "A Working Heart" - "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - This is a dumb song.