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The Redhead Hall of Fame is a list of fellow redheads of whom Klausner approves. The concept of The Redhead Hall of Fame first appeared in Episode 20, with Julie inducting such notable redheads as Ann Margaret, Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice), Prince Harry, Conan O'Brien, and Bonnie Raitt. Since that time, the list has grown steadily to include such members as "Emily, the Irish Setter who placed in the Westminster Dog Show this year," and Tim Curry as the clown in the film IT'."

Admission is purely based on Julie's whims and wisdom. Candidates can be emailed to her and she will approve them or disapprove of them via either the opening or closing monologue on How Was Your Week.

For fellow redheads whom Julie finds shameful, see Redhead Hall of Shame.

Top Tier (Queens of the Redhead Hall of Fame)[edit]

Hall of Fame[edit]


Tina Louise, Episode 20

Victoria MaCrae-Samuels 135

Supporting Tier[edit]

I’m Aware Of Your Work[edit]


  • Robert Loggia

Best Show/WFMU Donors/Additions[edit]

  • Alana Quirk
  • Emily Kadar
  • Erin Frank’s cat, Pip
  • Laraine Frid
  • Nick Ciarelli
  • Sean Kiely
  • Christopher Steele
  • Bella Allen Farrelly
  • Megan Wildebour

Formerly Ahoy[edit]