Episode 21

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On this super-sized episode of How Was Your Week?, actor, author and general delight JOHN ROSS BOWIE joins Julie to discuss the movie HEATHERS, and the terrific book he wrote about it. Grab some corn nuts and pull up to this delicious conversation!

Then, comedian, rock star and bon vivant DAVE HILL hosts Julie at his sexy bachelor pad and takes a Tiger Beat quiz originally intended for Usher. It turns out those two have a lot more in common than you previously knew!

Plus! "The McNamara Joke" in HEATHERS, what Telly Monster's "game" is, Miranda July's new movie trailer, Jaycee Duggard's depressing birthday gift, the sexual politics of tip-touching, and how HEATHERS proved that girls are like chess and boys are like checkers.

Also! Much more! I won't go into it here, there's no time. Listen to it at once!

Episode 21