Episode 127

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Like Fuddruckers But Expensive[edit]

Hi guys. This week's episode of #HWYW is very heady and there is also a lot of talk about dogs.

We have one and only one guest, and her name is Tami Sagher, and she is terrific. Tami and Julie talk about Tami's dogs and the time she did stand-up with one, being a math major and how that made her a Second City superstar one time, and why Reagan ruined everything.

Then, Julie waxes poetic about whether folksy is the new whimsy, that time we let Scarlett Johanssen do whatever she wanted, why HuffPo columnists start with a faulty premise, and how sandwich cookies affect the writer body.

Plus: Cheers to the Colbert content from this week and jeers to its Mumford and Sons video! The sadness of realizing you want to be an outdated fictional character from another time! And the rejected tagline from LOVELACE. Plus, a lot more! It's a long monologue this week.