Episode 63: "Help the Street Animals of Morocco"

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May 18, 2012


Curtis Gwinn
Choire Sicha

Origin of the episode title[edit]

A discussion of Marilu Henner causes Julie to Google the acronym "HSAM." In relation to Henner, HSAM stands for "Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory." However, HSAM is also an acronym for the organization Help the Street Animals of Morocco.


Oh, hello! On this week's episode of How Was Your Week, Choire Sicha is here! He is one of the editors of The Awl and the author of an upcoming book you must read, plus a very good-looking person with stunning eyes who also happens to loves cats. Choire joins Julie to talk about his life story and how he ended up a gay married person after working and living in different places and doing different things and generally living an interesting life!

Then, comedian, actor, writer and DEAR FRIEND Curtis Gwinn joins Julie to talk extensively about Carl Jung, ventriloquists, horror movies, and what lessons we can learn from The Purple Rose of Cairo. It is a good talk that contains many tributaries that flow into the darker corners.

Also, Julie has a triumphant proclamation to make about Jimmy Jazz, Marilu Henner tweets the ultimate Marilu Henner thing on Mothers' Day, Michael Caine does or does not get trapped in an attic, Dark Shadows is appreciated as a modern-day Touchtone joint, and what not to say to a redhead when she tries something on at your store.

Plus: How not to be mean on the internet! Why to be concerned when Julie resorts to bed for a turkey burger and Kubrick movie marathon! Anne Heche's fillers are explored! And what would happen if Johnny Depp and Daniel Tosh played strip poker together.

A meeting of the minds and souls. And a fine show to boot!

      • Please note: In this week's show, Julie mis-attributes Shipoopi as being from The Pajama Game. She is incorrect and regrets saying so: it is from The Music Man.


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