Episode 128

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America's Morning[edit]

Hi! This week's show starts with a lot of food shame and then there are other things that are covered. Such as! Twin brothers RANDY AND JASON SKLAR join us to discuss their enemies, who are also identical twins; growing up watching Seinfeld, Mel Brooks and the Zucker brothers and how that influenced their comedy, and why they never delegated one of themselves as "The Straight Man."

Also, enjoy a longer-than-usual monologue that spans the topics of:

  • Why LOVELACE was horrible
  • How there is no such thing about too much dog-talk
  • What happens when Julianne Moore retweets you
  • Whether the Today Show got a new social media person
  • Why Michael Pollan can go suck on eggs
  • That time Julie made a dubious sexual choice during the NYC blackout of 2003

And many more things!

Enjoy this week's show, please. Do me a favor.

Episode 128