Episode 22: "Rave Withdrawal"

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Steve Agee
Bryan Safi

Origin of the episode title[edit]

Julie flew Virgin Airlines to LAX, because she was "going through rave withdrawal."


Monologue: "Scrubbings" creator Bill Lawrence's diatribe against Scott Brown's review of Zach Braff's play
The Mariachi band and the beluga whale.
Steve Agee added to the Redhead Hall of Fame

Interviews: Why Morgan Spurlock will never be in the Redhead Hall of Fame
What palladium pants are
How Sharon Stone orders chamomile tea.
Also! The Terri/Cindy/Chrissy conundrum!
How you're not supposed to cancel lunch with George Hamilton!
And Agee's Three's Company spec prequel.
When discussing his severe spider-bite, Bryan Safi mentions "Erin" (presumably Erin Gibson), Julie hears "Aaron" and he does not correct her subsequent triple-use of masculine pronouns.


This episode's monologue was recorded in Julie's rental car in Los Angeles. She did not turn on the air conditioner.

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