Episode 31: "My Birds"

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October 7, 2011


Sandra Bernhard
Jeffrey Self

Origin of the episode title[edit]

Brett Butler casually mentioned to Jeffrey Self that she was looking to sell her birds, all 29 of them, but hopefully to someone who wants them for the right reasons. Julie posits that there must have been a 30th bird.


On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, the fierce, gorgeous, iconic, and straight-up fabulous SANDRA BERNHARD talks to Julie about the audacity of acoustic guitars in synnagogues, hovering helicopters, the influence of "The King of Comedy," and her stint as a honor student at the Charles Ross School of Beauty.

Then, JEFFERY SELF joins us to discuss his encounter and follow-up email with his idol, BRETT BUTLER. It is a memorable and deeply funny story full of birds, cigars, loony turns of phrase, and regret.

Also, Julie speculates about the ghosts that invariably haunt Billy Bush's day-to-day life, discusses why it doesn't matter whether Nancy Grace farted on television the other day, and enjoys a special snack on a plane that was previously served to a famous actress.


  • This episode's monologue was recorded in Los Angeles. Julie flew there business class.
  • Johnny Depp probably only talks to Tim Burton and his French wife.
  • Julie's Bat Mitzvah dress was periwinkle. The theme of the Bat Mitzvah was Judaism.
  • Ghosts dragging chains around should be retired, along with watery soup.

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