Episode 98: "All That Gurgling"

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January 18, 2013


Richard Kind
Issa Rae

Origin of the episode title[edit]

Why Julie cannot watch "Grey's Anatomy." She's interested in doctors fucking, but then there's all those patients with tubes in them and assorted medical gurgling noises.


This week's episode of How Was Your Week features RICHARD KIND and ISSA RAE. That's a lineup you can write home to your mother about--and put some perfume on the envelope while you're at it!

First of all, the great character actor RICHARD KIND is here to talk to Julie about which roles Jewish people recognize him from and which roles kids recognize him from; how Sondheim took a suggestion of his, and why it's frustrating doing THE PRODUCERS in front of tourists.

Then, the fabulous ISSA RAE joins Julie to discuss how her character in AWKWARD BLACK GIRL has changed, how her life got better after she cut her hair, and what it is about quirky comedy that isn't stereotypically black.

Plus: A confession about burrito bowls, some talk about what Jodie Foster probably thought her Golden Globes dress looked like, a recap of the television show Face Off, and a couple of observations about the motion picture Mrs. Doubtfire.


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