Episode 96: "Exactly Like a Cornish Hen"

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January 4, 2013


Starlee Kine
Noah Garfinkel

Origin of the episode title[edit]

The brittle bones of Joan Didion.


Happy New Year! This week's episode of HWYW is smart, fun and sexually attractive. First, NOAH GARFINKEL joins Julie to swap horror stories about Rent-A-Wreck, discuss using a crazy person voice to beckon a dog, and share an upsetting way to parody a Big Bopper song.

Then, STARLEE KINE swings by to chat about movies she claims are her favorites that she hasn't seen recently enough to remember, whether a big vocabulary can give you new ideas, and what a Cryptogram is.

Plus, Kubrick Talk! An upsetting Acu-Massage Encounter! Jimmy Jazz does something really stupid! The Plot of Eating Raoul! And a new Ricky Gervais speculation for 2013 that will cause you to hide your loved ones.

A Big Deal 2013 Thing!


  • Julie worries that she'll get a brick through her window because she feels Audra McDonald is not **always** the right voice for things.
  • The show was written up in the New York Times!

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