Episode 85: "No Breast Buds"

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This episode title refers to the prepubescence of the audience at a 2012 performance of "Annie: The Musical". "No breasts, no breast buds in attendance that I cared to acknowledge."

Here's your October Surprise! A fantastic episode of How Was Your Week.

This week's show features MIKE BIRBIGLIA, here to discuss the process of adapting his one-man show, Sleepwalk With Me, into his new film-- in theatres now! We also talk about why he goes by "Matt" in the movie, the feedback he got being shirtless on-camera, and how Ira Glass's constant rejection of his pitches helped make him a better storyteller.

Then, San Francisco's drag practitioner of the Halloween arts PEACHES CHRIST talks to us about Meryl Streep in "Death Becomes Her," how he created his spooky drag persona, his relationship with Elvira, and working with Sharon Needles in "Silence of the Trans."

Plus: How one dog reacted to Annie's understudy, Pauley Perrette's latest dastardly deed, Bleeding from the face at Duane Reade, whether Sally Jessy should have tweeted the debate, and how to react to a vase of roses if you are a legend.

Also! What Tura Satana orders at brunch! How a Google Alert can ruin your day! Getting aliens out of your throat the hard way! And an annoying thing to say during a Barbra Streisand concert to a stranger.

A spooky and fun show for the ages!