Episode 64: "Library Water"

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May 25, 2012


Patton Oswalt

Origin of the episode title[edit]

Julie recalls that sweet library water fresh from the fountain is the best and should be bottled and sold.


First of all, PATTON OSWALT, one of our favorite guests and friends, is back! This is always a treat. This week, Patton is here to discuss his Webbys hosting gig and how Internet Commenters have evolved from standard trolldom into conversational tangent-bringers, the importance of being comfortable with silences, and then--BAM! BOOM!--discusses two great Robin Williams movies at length: THE BIRDCAGE and WORLD'S GREATEST DAD.

Then, RETTA, who plays Donna on Parks & Recreation and is a hilarious standup, is here to talk to Julie about sexting, GIRLS, 9/11, French Guys, and why we are both worried about Ellis not returning to SMASH.

Also! Julie takes a trip to the Genius Bar and survives to tell the tale, her cat explores the "Say it with Urine" style of communication that is so very popular in that particular community, Anthony Bourdain says some crazy shit, Becky Ann Baker is awarded a well-deserved honor, and library water fountains are reconsidered in the bottled water age.


Julie finished In Cold Blood.

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