Episode 51: HWYW Live

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Feb 24, 2012


Sandra Bernhard
Tom Scharpling
Joe Mande
Ira Glass
And introducing Leigh Hendrix


Join Julie as she interviews SANDRA BERNHARD, TOM SCHARPLING and JOE MANDE live on stage, while TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS watch! Enjoy a special, unannounced guest appearance by IRA GLASS, who joins LEIGH HENDRIX, the winner of the HWYW Poetry Contest, in our Pretzel Crisps and Peanut Chews-furnished Snack Nest! And marvel in unexpected moments: like when Julie forgot the opening verse to an Avril Lavigne song! When Sandra Bernhard came out wearing a gorgeous boho ensemble, only to slide around in her shitty folding chair! And when we all remembered, along with Joe Mande, how much we all miss Andy Rooney.

Plus--Ted has some pressing questions for a gentleman who works for Peanut Chews and some disconcerting theories about "Kiss From a Rose," Tom has big ideas about the Candyland movie, Ira has some harsh words for white chocolate, Joe has some innovative ways to confuse female bodybuilders on Twitter, and Leigh Hendrix has a new friend.

Also-- Julie asks Ted about the "Philly Lunatic"! Tom asks when he missed the meeting about everybody deciding to watch and live-tweet Downton Abbey! Ira suggests the ultimate snack mash-up! And Sandra makes Julie's dreams come true when she duets with her on "Wichita Lineman."

What a show! What a memory-maker!


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