Episode 49: "Me and My Stupid Bat"

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February 10, 2012


Kristen Johnston

Origin of the episode title[edit]

"Nobody gives a hoot about me and my stupid bat" is a line uttered by a minor character in The Neverending Story that resonated with Julie. She feels like that a lot. The bat is a metaphor for possibly a script or a point of view. She feels it is a good turn of phrase and you should use it more around your families.


Monologue: Julie re-watches THE NEVERENDING STORY and has strong feelings about Bastion's father's breakfast choices! What Roberto Benigni has in common with Glenn Close--and a real boy! Why Debra Messing's husband in SMASH is so discouraging of her lyric-writing! The history of clowning, and how it relates to the book, COLUMBINE! And Anthony Bourdain's Oscar picks, because somebody (damn her) actually asked him.

Interviews: Actress and author KRISTEN JOHNSTON joins Julie--on her bed!-- to talk about her new book, GUTS, why Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn't like other messed-up former child actors, the time Kyle Richards did background work --and tried to be Kristen's BFF!--on ER, the advice she'd give people considering rehab, and how kind John Lithgow was to her during her THIRD ROCK audition.


Sushi is a fun food.

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