Episode 27: "Shelf Of Justice"

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On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, author, actor and proud Negateer DAVID RAKOFF talks to Julie about his book Half-Empty, as well as other important issues such as: which cake is the least Jewish kind of cake, what about the musical RENT made him angry, and how New York has changed in his almost thirty years of living here.

Also, Julie ponders the lessons learned after picking a fight on Twitter about Mario Lopez and circumcision, thinks way too much about Nancy Grace's upper body, and describes the contents of a superb Snack Nest.

Plus: Things people are still telling women that they need! Kelly Ripa's giant head! A celebration of defensive pessimism! And the obscurity of Chester A. Arthur.

A pleasant, funny, and occasionally poignant show that happens to coincide around the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Which we didn't want to make a whole thing about, but is true. So, give somebody you love a hug after you listen to this episode, and buy David's book, because it's wonderful. Thank you.