Episode 125

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Shitty Shoes[edit]

Hello! This week's show couldn't be more delicious.

First, the delightful HALLE KIEFER is here to discuss growing up on a farm, the miseducation of youngsters who think they can become pregnant from silly things, and the difference between funny and fun.

Then, chef, author, restauranteur and goddamn wonderful human being PICHET ONG joins Julie to talk about what white sugar does, which actress a chocolate chip cookie would be, what his last meal would be, and why he watched GREEN CARD on Hulu the other night.

Plus: When The Today Show became Rocky & Bullwinkle, the time Dane Cook needed diarrhea medicine, the possible ulterior motive behind ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, the horrors of Zog Sports, and a reprise of the We Are All Monica Lewinsky sermon.

Enjoy this wonderful summer show!

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Episode 125