Episode 121

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God Bless America! This week's episode of HWYW is bursting with PRIDE.

GILLIAN JACOBS is here to discuss what precisely Alexander Technique is, her no-good neighbors, the challenges of studying acting around photos of Patti LuPone in THE BAKER'S WIFE, and her and her mom's contrasting vacation styles.

Then, LOUIS VIRTEL joins Julie to emphatically discuss the Sandy Dennis versus Sandy Duncan situation, what color a wheat thin is, how John Mayer is our generation's Adam Huritz, and whether Alice Walker and Tracy Chapman dated.

Also: how Wendy Davis's hair is like a Nine Inch Nails single, the coolest way to commit suicide, why this one Black Crowes song we once found acceptable is actually completely dumb, the peril of not knowing when to eat spaghetti when you are unemployed, and what is "a bit much" to hear in your OB-GYN's office.

Happy Pride Show! And Independence Day show too!

Episode 121