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For those not clued in, Julie Klausner is a Jewish person. The following evidence supports this statement:

- Julie attended Jewish day school at Solomon Schechter Day School [1].

- Julie was a camper at Camp Ramah, where she celebrated Lag B'Omer.

- Julie attended High Holiday services at Temple Israel.

- Julie usually mentions major Jewish holidays from the previous week.

- Julie enjoys such Jewish carb delicacies as kugel [2] and babka [3].

- The Top Most Jewish episodes of HWYW are listed on [4]

- Thinks about the Holocaust all the time.

-It is early spring when Julie complains about being "exhausted by the holidays."

-Julie often discusses the most goyish foods.

-Julie has referred to herself as so Jewish, "you can taste the blood of the first born in the matzo."