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|Internet Explorer w/ Katie Notopoulos
|Internet Explorer w/ Katie Notopoulos
|[http://www.buzzfeed.com/katienotopoulos/internet-explorer-and-julie-klausner-talk-about-mr-eggs-and Julie Klausner, Pick Up Artists and the tale of Mr. Eggs]
|"Our guest this week is Julie Klausner, author, host of How Was Your Week podcast, and star of the upcoming series Difficult People on Hulu. On this episode, we talk about a recent kerfluffle in the world of pick up artists."
|"Pick up artist Roosh V gets owned by Dr. Oz and Julie Klausner indulges her love for weirdos on the internet with a guy Katie and Ryan know and love: Mr. Eggs."

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Julie's wonderfulness cannot be contained to even her own show. Here is a list of her appearances on other podcasts.

Date Show Episode Description
2015-05-27 Internet Explorer w/ Katie Notopoulos Julie Klausner, Pick Up Artists and the tale of Mr. Eggs "Pick up artist Roosh V gets owned by Dr. Oz and Julie Klausner indulges her love for weirdos on the internet with a guy Katie and Ryan know and love: Mr. Eggs."
2014-09-23 News Whore with Mandy Stadtmiller 064 - Julie Klausner "Comedieuse and writrordinaire Julie Klausner spars with Graham and Mandy about books and jokes and I'm tired OK. RiotCast.com"
2014-08-12 RiYL (Boing Boing) Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week? Julie talks about her recent cabaret shows at Joe's Pub
2014-05-27 The Dork Forest Episode 231 Favorite musicals and the Cannibal Cop are discussed.
2014-01-01 Hot Lips with Ryan Houlihan Good beef and you’ll probably get robbed. Ryan Talks about himself and his new show, complains a bit, and talks with Julie Klausner about things.
2013-12-03 The Best Show on WFMU December 3, 2013 PATTON OSWALT and JULIE KLAUSNER in-studio! TODD BARRY on the horn. Buying a switchblade before a Billy Joel concert. Bob Dylan needs 178 pizzas. Bruno Mars at the Dole Plantation. "Comedians Are Nuts" returns! Fonzie and ALF talk.
2013-08-23 Ask Me Another [1] Julie joins host Ophira Eisenberg for an hour of puzzles, word games, and trivia. Julie explains her love of The Real Housewives, and her superfandom of The Monkees is challenged with a Monkees trivia round.
2013-02-05 How Did This Get Made? The Devil's Advocate: LIVE! Special guest Julie Klausner joined us to talk about The Devil’s Advocate on this week’s How Did This Get Made? LIVE at the Bell House! We cover everything from Keanu’s multiple southern accents, Pacino’s 30 minute monologue, and the insane double twist.
2012-11-12 Comedy, Bang, Bang Episode 186: New York Mainstays Fellow podcasters and first timers Julie Klausner and Jake Fogelnest are here on today’s Comedy Bang Bang! Jake & Julie recall the first time they met, each describe their podcasts “The Fogelnest Files” and “How Was Your Week” respectively, and share their love of BuzzFeed’s Katie Notopoulos. Garry Marshall returns to reveal his secret name, tell us about his new family sitcom based on The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, and plays a game of Would You Rather? You will hear tales of Garry’s past and we’ll finally answer the age old question as to if there is indeed a Scope brand toothpaste.
2011-07-10 Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 183: Paprika with Julie Klausner Julie Klausner from How Was Your Week? joins us for a discussion of goulash and Daniel Craig.
2012-08-30 WTF with Marc Maron Episode 306 (premium episode) Fellow podcaster and author of “I Don’t Care About Your Band” Julie Klausner joins Marc in the garage for some heavy lifting on gender roles, psychotherapy, Jewish identity and bad relationships. There’s also some bonding over cats.
2012-08-12 The Fogelnest Files Episode 1 Jake Fogelnest has scoured the Internet and his personal archives for cool stuff to show you. This first episode was recorded live at UCBEAST as part of the CBGB Festival with special guests Julie Klausner and Chris Gethard!
2012-08-01 Bullseye with Jesse Thorn Oct. 1 2012 Julie Klausner co-hosts again this week, interviewing Gillian Flynn (author of Gone Girl).
2012-09-24 Bullseye with Jesse Thorn Sep. 24 2012 Julie Klausner co-hosts, interviewing musician Nellie McKay and talks about her love of Nancy Sinatra's Movin' With Nancy.

2013-11-14 The Fogelnest Files Donate Your Car Today Julie Klausner, Dave Hill, Katie Notopoulos, and Kitty join Jake LIVE from the Bell House in New York!
2013-06-13 The Fogelnest Files Boy, Am I Glued! Get ready for a raucous good time as Jake welcomes Julie Klausner, Jon Hendren, and Shelby Fero to a live edition of the Fogelnest Files!
2011-05-25 Ronna and Beverly Julie Klausner The debut episode of The Ronna & Beverly Podcast.
2012-04-11 Who Charted? Badu-Doo-Wop Given Howard’s affinity for reds, we were more than happy to have Julie Klausner bring her New York hipness and Jewish nerdyness to Who Charted? for a look at the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and Movie Chart.
2012-08-24 Sklarboro Country Imported Lady Energy Sklarbro Country is filled with lady energy this week thanks to our guest Julie Klausner! Julie tells us about being a pop-culture nut as a kid, how Patton Oswalt urged her to start her podcast, and why her twenties mirrored the show Girls.
2013-08-06 Sklarboro Country Sklarboro County 63 Julie tells us about which weird celebrity sighting she’d love to see, writing for the 3rd season of Funny Or Die’s Billy On The Street, and an email she received from her mom describing Barbra Streisand in “The Guilt Trip.”
2012-02-29 The Chris Gethard Show How Do Girls Work? Our callers quiz Chris on female related topics and it becomes very clear how little Chris knows about women. Thus, to help set the record straight a panel of bad-ass women fronted by Julie Klausner assemble in our packed studio to explain the details of being a woman to Chris and the audience.
2012-11-19 Worst Gig Ever Episode 24 Ubermenschy writer/entertainer Julie Klausner gives us the scoop on how her improv, sketch, and video beginnings got her where she is today, while peppering in some great crummy job stories both pre- and post- 9/11.
2012-12-18 The Best Show on WFMU December 18, 2012 ‘A Four Loko Carol,’ in which Tom is visited by 3 spirits: TED LEO, JOHN HODGMAN & JULIE KLAUSNER! Mr. Pencil DAVID REES, director LANCE BANGS & CHRISTOPHER MCCULLOCH from the ‘Venture Brothers’ spread cheer! Plus, will Gary the Squirrel see 2013?
2012-10-09 The Best Show on WFMU October 9, 2012 It's the Best Show’s 12th Birthday! In studio: funny person JULIE KLAUSNER & rock star A.C. NEWMAN! Topic: Clinic for Karaoke Flameouts. The words 'sex', 'placenta' & 'Tony Danza' get said a lot. Plus, Gary presents a ‘Comedians are Nuts' 2-for-1!
2011-12-27 The Best Show on WFMU December 27, 2011 JULIE KLAUSNER comes to visit, and she brings gifts! AP Mike tussles with Ice-T and his Twitter minions! Tom's cousin Sherm has trouble telling the truth! A Nate Hartley update! Topic: What'd you like to leave in 2011? Happy New Year, youse guys!
2011-06-28 The Best Show on WFMU June 28, 2011 A jam-packed show: TODD BARRY gets political! JULIE KLAUSNER is in-house! Darren from Work is in trouble! Tom visits America’s noisiest eatery! A lady tries to defend her husband’s honor! Clark returns! Woody Allen snobbery! Don’t miss!
2011-12-29 Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident Episode 34 This time around, I sit down for a lovely chat with comedian, writer, actress, podcaster, and so much more Julie Klausner, author of the great book "I Don't Care About Your Band" and overall force of nature. Slip into something a bit more comfortable as Julie and I discuss topics including but not limited to the smell of my apartment, John Travolta, the best sperm donor in CSNY, magic, Paul F. Tompkin's hair, dolphin sex, hot outfits, and a bunch of other stuff too.
2011-07-01 Superego Episode 3:5 [2] CASE STUDIES: The Lavergne Family Dinner, Guillermo Lee, Shunt McGuppin, H.R. Giger, Hoyt Runyun’s Van Buren Middle School, and The Cobblefax Abbey Busalong Ghost Tour.
2010-12-07 The Best Show on WFMU December 7, 2010 The one and only JULIE KLAUSNER joins Tom in the studio! Mike drinks Four Loko and goes nuts! A young lady recounts her adventures in babysitting! Tom’s nephew Caesar, an aspiring writer, calls in to bond with his uncle! This was a good one!
2010-01-26 The Best Show on WFMU January 26, 2010 Author And Funny Person JULIE KLAUSNER Is Live In Studio! Bryce Checks In From The Hospital. The Topic Is ‘Just Desserts’. Talk Of Avatar And Overweight Nazis. Tom Is Cranky And Mike Takes The Show To Where He Takes The Show. Again.