Episode 72: "Side of Fries"

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July 20, 2012


Tig Notaro
Steve Kandell

Origin of the episode title[edit]

Would it be fun if when a waiter asked if she wants anything else, Julie said "side of fries" and pulled a handful of fries out of her pocket and set them on the table? Well, would it?


This week's episode of How Was Your Week features two fascinating and intelligent guests, plus a long ramble from Julie at the top of the show about the tautological and downright Jeff Foxworthian lyrics of the opening number from CATS: The Musical. Where are you going? There's more!

First, Steve Kandell, the Editor-in-Chief of SPIN Magazine is here to tell a great story about the time Bono blessed his unborn child. Then, Tig Notaro joins Julie to talk about her recent terrifying hospital visit, Butterflies and whether they bite, and the extreme highs and lows she's experienced in the last few months alone.

Also--Jason Alexander's impassioned pleas, a warning to take pro-biotics all the damn time. what C-Diff is, the last line of "Beasts of the Southern Wild," why bacon needs to pack it in, what pretension really means, dogs wearing bandannas, and a sad story about Tig's loss and resilience.


  • Origin of Tip Spoony!

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